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Plan Energético Nacional 2020-2050

 El país ha emprendido el camino hacia la trasformación energética incluyendo: la descentralización en la cual se pretende romper con las cadenas de valor verticales y las economías de escala, la descarbonización que implica la sustitución de los combustibles fósiles, y la digitalización ya que permite disponer de datos e información importante para la toma de decisiones.

Renewable Energy Procurement Guidebook for Colombia

This guidebook is a knowledge product from the Clean Energy Investment Accelerator (CEIA), an innovative public-private partnership initiative that addresses barriers to scaling the deployment of clean energy solutions for commercial and industrial consumers in emerging markets. CEIA explores solutions for procuring renewable energy by helping purchasers overcome clean energy barriers, strengthening the local policy enabling environment, and unlocking a pipeline of private sector clean energy projects.

User Objectives and Design Approaches for Microgrids: Options for Delivering Reliability and Resilience, Clean Energy, Energy Savings, and Other Priorities

This paper discusses the role of State Energy Offices and Public Utility Commissions in furthering the development of microgrids to satisfy customer and system needs, emphasizing the important role of these entities as conveners to facilitate productive collaboration among diverse stakeholders. Many of the regulatory and policy barriers to microgrid development are complex and have no one-size-fits-all solution.

Discussion Paper: How End-User Subsidies Can Help Achieve Universal Energy Access

Our latest discussion paper ‘Discussion Paper: How End-User Subsidies Can Help Achieve Universal Energy Access’ aims to inform the discussion on how end-user subsidies for off-grid solar solutions fit within the ‘toolkit’ of public financing solutions to accelerate energy access. It has been compiled following interviews with 25 GOGLA members.

Adoption of Light-Emitting Diodes in Common Lighting Applications

The latest edition of the DOE report, Adoption of Light-Emitting Diodes in Common Lighting Applications, models the current state of the U.S. general-lighting market and provides analysis on realized and potential energy- and money-saving benefits associated with LED lamps and luminaires.


This report analyzes state policies that are successfully using energy efficiency to maximize energy and utility bill savings for rural Americans, ultimately helping to keep money in rural communities and support their economies. State legislators, regulators, policymakers, and efficiency program administrators all play important roles in developing and implementing these policies.

Connecting the dots: Distribution grid investment to power the energy transition

Europe’s distribution grids are the backbone of the digital and energy transition. They connect the dots by integrating the majority of renewables, enabling the creation of new services for consumers, and ensuring a reliable electricity flow. €375-425 billion of investments are needed to make them fit-for-purpose in an increasingly decarbonised, decentralised and digitalised power system.

Private, State, and Federal Funding and Financing Options to Enable Resilient, Affordable, and Clean Microgrids

The companion paper, Private, State, and Federal Funding and Financing Options to Enable Resilient, Affordable, and Clean Microgrids outlines p­otential options to fund and finance microgrid development.

Renewables 2020 Analysis and forecast to 2025

From February through mid-May 2020, roughly 100 countries, states and provinces – mainly in Europe, Asia and North America – implemented full lockdown measures to contain the pandemic while partial lockdowns were introduced in another 100 jurisdictions. Lockdowns generally lasted from four to ten weeks and were gradually lifted starting in the second half of April. Thanks to these containment measures, the spread of new infections slowed and plateaued globally in April and May.

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