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La carrera por los soles para dar energía al mundo

En Corea del Sur se encendió un sol de más de 100 millones de grados Celsius. Está en la ciudad de Daejeon, no es un astro del Sistema Solar, menos de la Vía Láctea, sino que fue creado en el laboratorio del National Fusion Research Institute, un centro de investigaciones que sigue la pesquisa de generar calor para, a partir de este, crear en energía.

Net zero by 2050 plan for energy sector is coming

Our climate challenge is an energy challenge. The energy that powers our daily lives produces three-quarters of global emissions. Making all of that energy carbon-neutral by 2050 is a Herculean undertaking for our economies and societies that goes well beyond simply setting long-range targets.

 13 Climate action Floods, droughts and heat waves herald a changing climate

The world's climate is changing. The cause is well understood: emissions of greenhouse gases resulting from human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels for heat, electricity and transportation; industrial processes; and changes in land use.

New, Cheap Electric Energy Storage System (Like Pumped Hydro, But Subterranean!)

Pumped Hydro Compressed Air Energy Storage (PHCAES) is a new system that can deliver stored energy at two to three cents per kilowatt-hour. This cost, far lower than that of lithium batteries, is similar to Pumped Hydro Energy Storage (PHES), a proven technology. Although it has many similarities to PHES, PHCAES has significant advantages over PHES — including lower capital costs and significantly less land space required. 

The zero that every investment portfolio needs

Climate change is the defining risk of the 21st century. Changes in economies, and consequently in the behaviour of individuals, need to be driven through concerted efforts.

US Defense Dept. Doubles Down On Renewable Energy, DERS

Like a crouching tiger, the hidden dragon of the US renewable energy industry has spent four years waiting for a staunch ally to occupy the Oval Office again, so hold on to your hats. President-elect Joe Biden will take up the position of Commander-in-Chief on January 20 with an ambitious plan for climate action, and the US Department of Defense is here to help.

Italy’s first energy community for solar power sharing

The solar energy community will be part of a citizen energy community aimed at covering the energy needs of half of the citizens of an Italian, small northern municipality.

Non-conventional Services Gain Traction In The Power Sector

Forty or fifty years ago, the power sector around the world was dominated by a small number of very large, mostly but not always, vertically integrated monopoles providing an undifferentiated commodity – kWhs – at bundled regulated tariffs to all customers.

Decarbonizing cities – how to harmonize buildings, mobility and infrastructure

Why is it so important to decarbonize cities? And how can we do it?

The first question is easy to answer: The cities in which more than half of us live account for nearly two-thirds of the CO2 emissions that lie at the root of our planet’s looming climate crisis. Skyscrapers in megalopolises, shopping malls, SUVs in the streets, air conditioners in a growing number of places throughout the globe – all consume a vast amount of high CO2-content energy.

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