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Safety in the future

The IEC has published a new white paper, Safety in the future, which examines the topic of safety in the new digital environment. It references current social trends and initiatives, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, as well as various real-life examples that are pioneering innovative safety solutions for the future.

ENISA Threat Landscape 2020 - Research topics

 New concepts and ideas are evolving in the cybersecurity domain due to research and innovation activities conducted by academics, industry and professionals around the world. These are important steps since the pace of innovation from adversaries (e.g. malicious actors) is higher than the one from cybersecurity specialists finding solutions to deter them.

Technology Report: Industrial IoT Platforms

We’re diving deeper into the Industrial Internet of Things. This is terrific, but this maturity of IIoT initiatives and the widening of applications means that platforms required to manage the software and enable true optimizations are more complex—and more important—than ever. This Technology Report includes features on:

IR.67 DNS and ENUM Guidelines for Service Providers and GRX and IPX Providers v17.0

IR.67 provides guidelines and technical information for those who need to set up and/or maintain DNS servers for inter Service Provider services.

ENISA Threat Landscape 2020 - Web-based attacks

The report offers an overview of the web-based attacks, provides a compendium of trends and identifies attack vectors. A series of proposed actions for mitigation is provided.

Cybersecurity Technology Efficacy: Is cybersecurity the new ``market for lemons``?

Based on over 100 comprehensive interviews with business and cybersecurity leaders from large enterprises, together with vendors, assessment organizations, government agencies, industry associations and regulators, Debate Security’s research shines a light on why technology vendors are not incentivized to deliver products that are more effective at reducing cyber risk.

Partnership against Cybercrime

The World Economic Forum created the Partnership against Cybercrime initiative to address the global challenge posed by cybercrime by exploring ways to amplify public-private cooperation against this crime and overcome existing barriers to cooperation.

ENISA Threat Landscape 2020 - Identity Theft

Identity theft or identify fraud is the illicit use of a victim’s personal identifiable information (PII) by an impostor to impersonate that person and gain a financial advantage and other benefits.

Guía de ciberataques. Todo lo que debes saber a nivel usuario

El Instituto Nacional de Ciberseguridad (INCIBE) pone a disposición de los ciudadanos la "Guía de ciberataques. Todo lo que debes saber a nivel usuario". Se trata de una guía que pretende convertirse en documento de referencia para aquellos usuarios de Internet interesados en conocer los tipos de ciberataques a los que se exponen, sin necesidad de tener grandes conocimientos técnicos.

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