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Climate Assembly UK’s report, The Path to Net Zero

Climate Assembly UK’s report, The Path to Net Zero, shows how a representative sample of the population believe the UK should meet its net zero emissions commitment with detailed recommendations across ten areas including: how we travel; what we eat and how we use the land; what we buy; heat and energy use in the home; how we generate our electricity; and greenhouse gas removals.
The report begins with forewords from the commissioning select committee Chairs and the assembly’s Expert Leads that place the assembly and its report in context.

These forewords are followed by an opening statement from the assembly members that highlights the key themes emerging from their recommendations.
The Executive Summary provides an overview of the key considerations and conditions agreed by Assembly members as well as the balance of support for each recommendation.
Chapter 1 then provides detail of the assembly's process and membership.
Chapters 2 - 11 outline in depth the assembly’s recommendations and the rationale behind them.