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Post-COVID recovery

Increased uptake of renewables, energy efficiency and related energy-transition measures represent far-sighted investment amid the crisis set off by the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of short-term stimulus and recovery plans, the energy transition provides a crucial link to medium- and long-term global climate and sustainability goals.

Floating Solar Photovoltaic on the Rise

As a clean, green, renewable source of energy, solar photovoltaic power is an essential pillar in efforts to address climate change. Solar panels—mounted on rooftops or as part of solar farms—are a common sight today. Some of these are vast, such as the 1,650-megawatt Benban Solar Park in Egypt, which was completed in November 2019. IFC invested and mobilized more than $650 million in the project.

A vital transformation of global energy systems is underway

The world energy sector is experiencing unprecedented challenges. It is now clear that the COVID pandemic will have a fundamental impact on the pace and direction of global energy transition.

Updating Infrastructure Regulation for The 21st Century in Latin America and the Caribbean

This paper argues that, while most countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have managed to significantly improve the short-term efficiency of their infrastructure services since the widespread liberalization of the 1990s, they have been slow to ensure a fair distribution of the gains. They have also been slow in making the investments needed to ensure the prospects of future generations, including by protecting the environment for the long term.

Smart Grid Interoperability

A new report from the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners outlines roles, responsibilities and actions state regulators may consider in their review of utility proposals for investments in smart grid technologies. Smart Grid Interoperability: Prompts for State Regulators to Engage Utilities aims to assist the regulator in reviewing utility proposals and investments of new and emerging technologies.

Energy Storage Applications Summary

EASE has produced a summary of the different energy storage applications, focused mainly on the electricity system, in order to illustrate the many services that energy storage can provide.
This overview provides a summary of the different energy storage applications, focused mainly on the electricity system, in order to illustrate the many services that energy storage can provide.

Decisions at the Edge: Key Considerations for Optimizing Your Operations

There are opportunities for dramatic, immediate optimizations using smart approaches to edge computing. But they require a few smart decisions.

India’s Clean Power Revolution

A new white paper detailing how India has become the world’s largest and most competitive clean energy auction market – and a model country for others looking to leverage low-carbon investments in their Covid-19 economic recovery strategy.

Towards an inclusive energy transition in the European Union

The report consists of two sections, the first of which examines policies and measures to address energy poverty across the EU, while the second presents the latest statistics on energy poverty. Both sections offer state-of-the art knowledge and evidence on ongoing efforts to address the problem, as well as its distribution and character across the EU. In the policies and measures section, we examine the different energy poverty alleviation and mitigation policies and measures adopted at the EU, Member State (MS), regional and local level.

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