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Minnesota regulators consider who should have access to smart meter data

A proposal from the state’s Citizens Utility Board wants to make anonymous data open to third-party researchers.  

Co-operative housing: A greener and more sustainable way of living?

Frankie lives in a six-bedroom house on the outskirts of Leeds. She is her own landlord, but doesn’t own the house. Instead she is part of a co-operative housing group: together, they have been able to buy the house and then rent it at an affordable price back to themselves as tenants.

What’s Holding Back Off-Grid Solar – And How the Energy Access Sector Can Turn Things Around

From economic empowerment to improved health, access to clean, reliable energy technologies can transform many spheres of life. In remote communities that lack basic infrastructure, off-grid solar technologies can deliver light, warm water, clean cooking and other energy services to households. Now, countries are increasingly looking to off-grid energy technologies to make low and middle-income countries resilient to global crises such as COVID-19.

Does 2020 really mean the start of the end for coal?

A think-tank reported that the world has lost 2.9GW of coal generation capacity in the first six months of 2020. Is this the end of coal?

Arrival of OptGrid: Advanced Technology for Grid Management Now Available to Industry

A new product developed at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has industry-shifting potential to help manage today’s increasingly distributed energy infrastructure. OptGrid has been trialed in rigorous lab experiments and on real power systems, and it has emerged as a commercial solution for real-time coordination of distributed energy resources (DERs).

Community and Shared Solar

As the solar energy market rapidly expands, more people are exploring the possibility of going solar. While not everyone is able to install panels on their roofs, due to unsuitable roof space, living in a large condo building, or renting living space, alternative business models like community solar and shared solar are gaining popularity and increasing access to clean solar energy.

From Brainstorming to Breaking Ground: A Late-Spring Progress Report from the FAST Grand Prize Winners

Supporting a ramp-up of renewable power on the grid is a widely shared goal across the energy community. However, power generated from variable renewable sources, such as solar and wind, requires substantial energy storage and flexibility. Pumped-storage hydropower (PSH) can provide those key features, supporting the continued growth of renewables on the grid.

UK Smart Heating and Cooling Landscape – have your say

Following the success of our Digital Energy Landscape project, Energy Systems Catapult is calling for companies who are involved in the Smart Heating and Cooling sector to get in touch so that we can identify those who are transforming this fast-growing energy sector.

Regulatory Models in the Power Sector

Regulatory models refer to the organisation of the different activities needed to provide end-users with power supply. Four main activities have traditionally been identified: generation, transmission, distribution and supply.