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What Is Next For Energy Storage Technology?

2019 was another blockbuster year for energy storage deployment. One question seems to stay at the forefront: When will we see a real competitor to lithium-ion? While there is no clear front-runner today to knock lithium-ion off its podium, there are many technologies that have the potential to be the next breakthrough.

Using an Energy Compass: NREL’s 10-Year Vision To Meet Future Needs

During the 1980s, when military service was mandatory in Germany, I trained as part of an elite mountain brigade in the Alps. I learned some very valuable lessons.

Hybrid Workforce Models Speed Digital Transformation

Hybrid workforce models can increase agility and resilience, drive competitive differentiation and save money. Talent analytics help HR leaders to capture these opportunities.

Improving Reliability for Underserved Communities

Innovation in utility business models is more important than ever as underserved rural customers increasingly demand clean, affordable, and reliable electricity service. In one Nigerian community, a new model for optimizing rural supply can provide valuable insights for communities around the globe.

GRID ARCHITECTURE ARTICLE 1:  Energy Platforms Are Key To The Future of The Energy Grid

The concept of a universal, industry-specific, energy services platform is a common topic that technology companies, utilities, and consulting companies are having more and more often. 

Answer to Energy Storage Problem Could Be Hydrogen

Hydrogen has the greatest potential among technologies for seasonal energy storage in the future, according to an analysis conducted by researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

Q&A with Fei Ding: Helping Power System Industries Do the Real Work of Grid Resilience and Reliability

Fei Ding is an electrical engineering researcher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) who publishes a substantial number of reports and articles about her work on grid resilience and reliability.

El 90% de los municipios debe cambiar alumbrado

La Banca de Desarrollo Territorial (Findeter) lanzó un proyecto denominado Eficiencia Energética en Alumbrado Público para que los municipios de Colombia puedan modernizar sus alumbrados públicos, sustituyendo luminarias de baja eficiencia por luminarias con tecnología LED.

Sin costo para usuarios, se inicia ruta para cambiar contadores de luz

Dos años después de que el Ministerio de Minas y Energía expidió las políticas para la implementación de la infraestructura de medición avanzada de energía (AMI,por su sigla en inglés), un proyecto de resolución de la Comisión de Regulación de Energía y Gas (Creg) puesto a consulta del mercado hace unos días marca el punto de arranque para que el país inicie en firme el tránsito gradual para el cambio de más de 14,8 millones de contadores de energía eléctrica.