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What CEOs talked about during the pandemic

The second quarter of 2020 was like no other. A record rise in unemployment, widespread layoffs, empty offices, and entire industries like travel or sports & entertainment losing the majority of their business within weeks. At the same time governments around the world provided a record $10 trillion in economic stimulus, while the value of Gold as well as the Nasdaq climbed to new all-time highs.

Almacenamiento de energía: se alista proyecto de baterías de aire líquido para Chile

Esta tecnología enfría el aire y lo almacena en estado líquido, para posteriormente convertirlo de nuevo en un gas presurizado y así mover una turbina a vapor para producir electricidad, en una iniciativa que próximamente presentará en el país la empresa Energía Latina.

Virtual power plants are coming to California apartment buildings

Three thousand Californian apartments will be linked up to solar panels and batteries — meaning they might never experience a power outage again, no matter what California’s utility companies do. The project, planned by German energy storage company Sonnen, will be spread across seven apartment complexes — the largest of its kind.

As Residential Solar Deployments Fell, the US Home Battery Market Powered On

Even a pandemic could not stop the residential storage market from growing in Q2, according to the new Energy Storage Monitor.

Energías solar y eólica alcanzaron 67% de capacidad agregada mundial

Según BNEF, en total, 81 países construyeron al menos 1 megavatio de energía solar durante el último año y la energía solar representó casi la mitad de toda la nueva capacidad de generación de energía construida en todo el mundo.

5 Citizen Engagement Solutions That Smart Cities Should Know

Civic engagement is not only important for formal city planning processes, but it is at the core of digital urban transformation into smart and sustainable cities and communities. The most widely used ways of engaging citizens, town hall meetings and/or surveys (even with social media campaigns), leave citizen participation rates low and a majority of citizens in the dark about what is being done in their city.

SoCal Edison Will Deploy 38,000 EV Chargers in Largest Utility Program of Its Kind

The new grid infrastructure investment will total $436 million and focus on multifamily buildings and underserved areas.

Magic Quadrant for Software Asset Management Managed Services

SAM managed services transform and augment existing practice to deliver cost optimization and governance discipline across software and cloud services. This research will help sourcing, procurement and vendor management leaders identify, evaluate and select potential SAM managed service providers.

 ¿Qué se ahorra con los nuevos bombillos?

Si tiene más de nueve años seguro le tocó conocer las bombillas incandescentes, esas que se calentaban y a más de uno le quemaron un dedo al tratar de cambiarla. El ingeniero electricista Carlos Andrés Arredondo Orozco, profesor en Ingeniería en Energía de la Universidad de Medellín, explica que antes de 2011 la mayoría de bombillas que se usaban en Colombia, en los hogares, eran esas.