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 IEC publishes revised standard on the safety of household appliances

Since 1970, the IEC has published a series of standards to ensure the safety of household devices. Known as the 60335 series, it is comprised of two parts, with the first part consisting of the general safety requirements for all appliances while the second part addresses the requirements for specific device types.

Listening in the time of COVID-19

This is an unprecedented time, with people facing both a global pandemic and economic shutdown.

Electricity markets in the EU

What are the electricity markets? How many are there? And how are they organised in Europe? Learn the basics and dig deeper with this article.

6 Trends on the Gartner Hype Cycle for the Digital Workplace, 2020

The need to improve the digital resiliency of the workforce during and after the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically accelerated trends in digital workplace technology.

Private or public: What's really driving technological innovation?

Innovation is the engine that drives contemporary economies. Living standards are determined by productivity growth, which in turn depends on the introduction and dissemination of new technologies that allow an ever-wider variety of goods and services to be produced with fewer and fewer of our planet’s resources.

Se enreda el desarrollo de los parques eólicos en La Guajira

Los nueve parques eólicos, que hacen parte del paquete de 14 proyectos de energía renovable, calificados de prioritarios y de interés nacional por el Gobierno para la reactivación económica del país, se les está enredando la madeja para su entrada en operación en el 2022.

Why the majors, electric utilities, and private equity firms all want to own US microgrids

The US microgrid market is growing, with a record 546 microgrids installed during 2019.

The top 10 Smart City use cases that are being prioritized now

Do you remember what it was like to wait and not know when the bus or train would arrive as it was seemingly running late?Millions of people had these worries every day on their way to/from work or elsewhere – this was before the arrival of IoT, less than 20 years ago.