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Annual report Trust Services Security Incidents 2018

The document gives an aggregated overview of security breaches with significant impact reported in 2018 by EU national supervisory bodies. It shows root causes, statistics and trends, and marks the third round of security incident reporting for the EU’s trust services sector.

The effects of zero rating

This report analyses the effects of zero rating, i.e. when a predetermined type of traffic received by consumers is not counted against the download allowance of the Internet access service.

The Rise of Digital Money

This paper marks the launch of a new IMF series, Fintech Notes. Building on years of IMF staff work, it will explore pressing topics in the digital economy and be issued periodically.

The road to 5G networks

The fifth generation of wireless networks, 5G, represents an evolutionary process of previous generations of wireless networks (i.e. 2G, 3G, and 4G). This next generation of wireless technology is intended to provide 20 Gbps download speeds and latency of one millisecond (i.e. download speeds 200 times faster and one-tenth the latency of current 4G networks).

Future of Data

Is data the new oil? Will Facebook ever fully recover public trust? Is there a need for data scientists any more? The Future of Data special report, published in The Times, explores what the future looks like for the business’s most valuable commodity.

Voices of Experience: Leveraging AMI Networks and Data

The original business cases for implementing an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) focused on the cost savings that could be achieved from avoided truck rolls and the end of manual meter reading. Now more than a decade since smart meters hit the industry, utilities are learning that the value of AMI goes far beyond logging energy usage.

Wireless Communications and Applications Above 100 GHz: Opportunities and Challenges for 6G and Beyond

Frequencies from 100 GHz to 3 THz are promising bands for the next generation of wireless communication systems because of the wide swaths of unused and unexplored spectrum. These frequencies also offer the potential for revolutionary applications that will be made possible by new thinking, and advances in devices, circuits, software, signal processing, and systems.


5G is so much more than faster 4G, but the extraordinary hype surrounding it has left many confused over what it will actually do for them.

 Unpacking E-commerce

As digital transformation has accelerated, the e-commerce landscape has become increasingly dynamic. New players have emerged at the same time that established actors have taken on new roles; some barriers to e-commerce at the firm, individual and country levels have been overcome, while other barriers have emerged.

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