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Digitalisation: Opportunities for heating and cooling

This publication is a Technical report by the Joint Research Centre (JRC), the European Commission’s science and knowledge service. It aims to provide evidence-based scientific support to the European policymaking process.

Getting the most of machines—The modern approach to asset performance management

Boosting the performance of our machines is the goal of all of our digital-transformation efforts, right? When assets perform better, production rises, costs drop, profits soar and the maintenance guys can take a coffee break.

Technology Transfer Policy in Colombia -Recent developments: Case study contribution to the OECD TIP Knowledge Transfer and Policies project

Technology  transfer  policyin  Colombia began in 1992,  when  a  cooperation  program  to strengthen relations between universities and the business sectorwas launchedthrough the implementation  of  units  responsible  for  managing  the  transfer  process,  calledResearch Transfer Offices.


The European Union Blockchain Observatory & Forum has set as one of its objectives the analysis of and reporting on a wide range of important blockchain themes, driven by the priorities of the European Commission and based on input from its Working Groups and other stakeholders.

The digital innovation policy landscape in 2019

How are OECD countries supporting digital innovation and ensuring that benefits spread across the economy? This paper explores the current landscape of strategies and initiatives implemented in OECD countries to support innovation in the digital age.

Digital innovation

​As disruptive forces transform the power and utilities sector, many companies are turning to digital technologies and a more innovative mindset to thrive in the new era. Those that don’t seize the opportunity to evolve risk being left behind or displaced by more agile players.

2019 Data Breach Investigations Report

The threats are real, the attackers motivated. But something stands between them and your organization's data: you and your security teams, with the insight, perspective, and tools to take action. You'll find that all  right here.

5G & In-Building Wireless Convergence

5G is an exciting new technology, but what's the reality,  use cases and practicalities when it comes to indoor 5G wireless? What about adjacent technologies like Wi-Fi 6, Cloud RAN, Optical RAN, and smart buildings?

Behavioural aspects of cybersecurity

Technical cybersecurity measures do not exist in a vacuum and need to operate in harmony with people.

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