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The future of women at work: Transitions in the age of automation

The age of automation, and on the near horizon, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies offer new job opportunities and avenues for economic advancement, but women face new challenges overlaid on long-established ones. Between 40 million and 160 million women globally may need to transition between occupations by 2030, often into higher-skilled roles. To weather this disruption, women (and men) need to be skilled, mobile, and tech-savvy, but women face pervasive barriers on each, and will need targeted support to move forward in the world of work.

Climate change puts pressure on Europe’s energy system

All parts of Europe’s energy system, from availability of energy sources to energy consumption, are potentially vulnerable to climate change and extreme weather events, according to a European Environment Agency report, published today. To secure reliable supply of clean energy, Europe’s energy system needs to adapt and become more climate resilient, the report states.

Local policy plays “pivotal role” in circular economy jobs

The report calls on local governments to take urgent action to move from a linear “take-make-waste” model to a circular economy,to ensure that cities are fit for the future.Adopting circular economy practices creates jobs, boosts innovation and ensures that cities remain liveable without transgressing our planetary boundaries, it says.

Future Cities

What does the city of the future look like? From Porto to Stockholm, New York to London, the Future Cities special report, published in The Times, explores the possibilities, from net-zero carbon buildings to offices which can actually boost productivity and increase engagement.


La promesa de la democracia suele definirse en los procesos electorales a través de los cuales la ciudadanía elige a los grupos que representarán sus intereses en el Gobierno. Sin embargo, en muchas ocasiones esa promesa no se refleja en la vida de las personas.

 Global EV Outlook 2019

The Global EV Outlook is an annual publication that identifies and discusses recent developments in electric mobility across the globe. It is developed with the support of the members of the Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI).

Commercial PACE Financing and the Special Assessment Process: Understanding Roles and Managing Risks for Local Governments

This issue brief is for local governments that are well-positioned to participate in a commercial property assessed clean energy (C-PACE) program but are looking to inform a decision about whether to join or create a program. This resource addresses two specific barriers these local governments may face regarding C-PACE programs:

Tercerización e intermediación laboral: balance y retos

La mayor apertura comercial y el crecimiento de la competencia en las tres últimas décadas, los  avances tecnológicos en campos como la información, las comunicaciones y el transporte, y el acceso a nuevos mercados y tipos de consumidores, han demandado nuevas formas de producción que sean capaces de adaptarse al cambio y competir en los mercados globales.

¿Cómo afecta el ciclo económico a los indicadores sociales en América Latina y el Caribe? : Cuando los sueños enfrentan la realidad

After mediocre growth in 2018 of 0.7 percent. LAC is expected to perform only marginally better in 2019 (growth of 0.9 percent) followed by a much more solid growth of 2.1 percent in 2020. LAC will face both internal and external challenges during 2019.

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