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Mediterranean Solar Plan – Project Preparation Initiative (MSP-PPI)

The Mediterranean Solar Plan Project Preparation Initiative (MSP-PPI) aims to accelerate the implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in several Mediterranean partner countries.

European Market Monitor on Energy Storage

EASE and Delta-ee are pleased to announce the publication of the third edition of the European Market Monitor on Energy Storage (EMMES).

 Distributed Energy Still Isn’t Valued Properly, Report Finds

Most policies designed to reward small-scale clean energy installations don’t properly account for the values and costs these investments create.
Advocates for distributed energy, like rooftop solar and home batteries, laud the benefits of siting these tools among customers, rather than in the desert far from population centers.

Electric Vehicles Guidebook

Despite the considerable increase in sales and popularity of electric vehicles (EV), many people are still uninformed on the reality of owning and operating an EV today. This fact-based guide explores and dispels common misconceptions while illustrating benefits and new opportunities with electric vehicles.

Hydrogen from renewable power: Technology outlook for the energy transition

As the world strives to cut carbon emissions, electric power from renewables has emerged as a vital energy source. Yet transport and industry will still require combustible fuels for many purposes. Such needs could be met with hydrogen, which itself can be produced using renewable power.

Strategic investments in energy access

Off-grid energy access is maturing as a sector. According to a new report from Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables and energy access nonprofit Energy 4 Impact, nearly $1.7 billion in cumulative disclosed investment has been deployed into energy access markets through the end of 2018, and investment in pay-as-you-go home solar companies and other players is accelerating.

Report: PACE Brought Annual $134M to California, $51M to Florida Over Last 5 Years

Between 2013 and 2018, property-assessed clean energy (PACE) financing from a leading lender added $134.7 million and $51 million per year to the economies of California and Florida, respectively, according to a new report conducted by the University of Southern California and funded by the Ygrene Energy Fund.

Electricity storage and renewables: Costs and markets to 2030

Battery electricity storage is a key technology in the world’s transition to a sustainable energy system. Battery systems can support a wide range of services needed for the transition, from providing frequency response, reserve capacity.

World Energy Issues Monitor 2019 | Managing the Grand Energy Transition

For ten consecutive years, the World Energy Issues Monitor has been gathering the perspectives of energy leaders in public and private sectors from 86 countries across the six regions on 42 key issues that shape and drive our energy system.

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