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 Implementación de políticas de medición neta en América Latina y el Caribe: Diseño, incentivos y mejores prácticas

Las políticas de medición neta (MN) se han empleado ampliamente como un mecanismo para permitir la inclusión de recursos de generación distribuida (GD) en el sistema de energía, en especial, la adopción de sistemas solares fotovoltaicos por parte de pequeños consumidores, como hogares y pequeñas empresas.

Blockchain meets energy : digital solutions for a decentralized and decarbonized sector

The FSR partners with the EP. Why? Because understanding “blockchain”, its nature and potential, has become a duty for a school like us, offering an energy policy and regulatory knowledge hub to both energy practitioners and academia. Giving a neutral access to the facts and to the truth, in a world of continuously twisted information by particular interests, strategic lies and fake news, or sincere misunderstanding and consequential ignorance, is a core duty of the FSR.

 High-profile bankruptcies in the off-grid sector: Where do we go from here

The high-profile bankruptcies of two of the off-grid industry’s most well-known companies active in African (Mobisol and Solarkiosk) have grabbed headlines. This seems to have cast a shadow in the eyes of some investors over the prospects of the off-grid market and particularly the viability of current business models in rural electrification.

Metodología para la evaluación de la gestión de riesgos de origen eléctrico (GROE) en la infraestructura de distribución de energía eléctrica en Colombia.

De acuerdo con la información registrada por los prestadores en el Sistema Único de Información - SUI, en Colombia se viene presentando un crecimiento sostenido de la accidentalidad asociada a la prestación del servicio de energía eléctrica.

Article 2: Gap analysis - a summary of current versus ideal future state grid regulation

But the market for flexibility services at present is artificially limited by a legacy network that has operated in fundamentally the same way for more than a century. In this section, we describe some practical examples of how present regulations perpetuate the electricity system of the past, for example through connection charges, availability requirements, minimum size thresholds and capacity and ancillary market rules.

Failure on energy efficiency damages efforts to tackle climate change

A report by the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee states that improving the energy efficiency of buildings will be vital to meeting climate change obligations, eradicating fuel poverty and lowering home energy bills. Energy efficiency is the cheapest way of reducing carbon emissions, but public investment has shrunk, and the rate of installations has gone backwards – with insulation measures installed in houses under Government schemes now around 95 per cent lower than in 2012.

Reporte integralde sostenibilidad, operación y mercado 2018

Los Informes Anuales están compuestos por el Informe de Operación del SIN y Administración del Mercado y el Informe de Sostenibilidad.

Solar Commission Report

The Commission was formed of industry leaders, academics and others and the Commissioners were responsible for investigating the future role of solar power in the energy system, considering the UK’s areas of strength in research and innovation in solar.

 Experts deliver recommendations on electricity interconnections with neighbouring countries and on increasing public acceptance

These are the second and third reports that the selected group of experts has worked on since the Commission established the Group in March 2016. Their recommendations on making the 15 % target for electricity interconnection operational in the first report on "Towards a sustainable and integrated Europe" have been included in the framework of the Regulation on the Governance of Energy Union and the integrated National Energy and Climate plans. Two other important issues have arisen from the Group’s first report, which are now addressed in the two new publications.

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