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Solar Industry Diversity Study

Today, leaders in solar are making diversity and inclusion a priority. This rapidly growing industry now employs 242,000 Americans, and these job opportunities should be accessible to everyone. As a companion to this study, The Solar Foundation and SEIA are releasing a new best practices guide to help companies advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

EPRI Analysis Identifies Potential Impacts and Solutions to Mitigate An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Event on the Electric Grid

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) released findings from its three-year study of potential impacts of high-altitude electromagnetic pulses (EMP) on the electric transmission system, along with options to mitigate those impacts.

2019 grid integration insights

Deployment of clean energy at U.S. utilities has been tracked many times.  This report highlights the difference between what technology utilities need and their impression about how many solution providers offer that technology.

ENTSO-E RD&I Monitoring report 2018

The RD&I Monitoring Report 2018 assesses the progress of European TSO-related research development and innovation (RD&I) activities defined in the RD&I Roadmap 2017–2026. The results of this RD&I Monitoring Report will be used to assign action priorities for updating the ENTSO-E RD&I Roadmap, to be released in 2019.

Technology Insights Brief: Renewable Ammonia Generation, Transport, and Utilization in the Transportation Sector

The transportation sector is one of the most energy-intensive, greenhouse gas-emitting, and pollutant-generative sectors of the global economy. At present, the sector uses primarily petroleum-based fuels, with all their concomitant sustainability, energy security, and environmental impacts.

World Energy Insights Brief - Global Energy Scenarios Comparison Review

Energy transition is a part of a much wider Grand Transition, which is not all about energy. Energy transition cannot be achieved all at once or by any one actor. Relying only on better energy modelling and forecasting to guide successful transition will be fatal, even in a data-rich era.

Clean Energy for All Europeans Package

EASE Secretariat has been working on the Clean Energy for All Europeans package since it was proposed by the European Commission in 2016. The final agreement was reached in December 2018 by the two co-legislators, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, and represents a great success for EASE.

Map to the Future

Energy UK today publishes its Future of Energy report, setting out a way forward for the sector to deliver better for its customers as advances in technology and the vital need to decarbonise our economy transform the way we use, generate, store and transport energy.

World Energy Council Transition Toolkit User Guide

This is the World Energy Council’s Transition Toolkit User Guide. The User Guide presents the Council’s five Insights Tools and provides ideas on how to use them to analyse and address energy transition challenges.

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