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Stranded Assets and Renewables

This paper examines the potential magnitude of asset stranding in the global energy sector due to a shift to renewables and energy efficiency that would be needed to fulfil the Paris Agreement. Governments, companies and financial institutions all face risk, with consequences along the whole investment chain in both mature and developing capital markets. 


Potential Health and Safety Benefits of Efficient Electrification

Efficient electrification has the opportunity to boost energy efficiency and grid flexibility, increase productivity, and improve product quality while supporting emissions reduction, water savings, and safety throughout society. In addition to other benefits, the application of efficient electric technologies in place of direct fossil fuel use can offer potential health and safety improvements to workers in various commercial and industrial facilities.


World Energy Investment 2017

Total energy investment worldwide in 2016 was just over $1.7 trillion, accounting for 2.2% of global GDP. Investment was down by 12% compared to IEA’s revised 2015 energy investment estimate of $1.9 trillion.


The Fight for Light: Improving Energy Access through Digital Payments

This report examines new business models and government initiatives for energy access that rely upon digital payments. While numerous solutions exist to meet the needs of the more than one billion people who still lack access to clean, affordable, and reliable energy options, one of the key challenges is in how to expand efforts to rural areas, where a lack of traditional grid expansion has denied many households opportunities for advancement.


RE100: Accelerating change

RE100 unveils its 2017 Annual Report, showing how corporate sourcing of renewable electricity can be a major driver of the shift to a robust, zero-emissions economy. By recognising the compelling business case for renewable electricity, RE100 members are growing demand for renewable energy and helping to move the market away from fossil fuels.



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