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Sustainable Urban Mobility: European Policy, Practice and Solutions

This booklet addresses city stakeholders in third countries, who are directly or indirectly involved in urban mobility planning. It showcases relevant EU urban mobility know-how, in order to provide replicable solutions to urban mobility issues.



European Urban Mobility - Policy Context

This publication was prepared principally for the benefit of cities and stakeholders in third countries. It provides an overview of EU urban mobility policy and expertise, with links to specific policy areas (energy, environment, climate change, employment and growth).



2018 Global Off-Grid Solar Market

The 2018 publication takes stock of the industry across six axes: market fundamentals, sales, the competitive landscape, finance, the enabling environment, and impact. It provides in-depth analysis on current market dynamics, projections for the coming five years, and a blueprint for how actors in this market can compete in a swiftly evolving industry ecosystem.



Reimagining the utility

Electric utilities must modernize to serve new economic and policy objectives, including managing an increasingly distributed and decarbonized power system. A fundamental question for this future system is: What is the appropriate scope for utility functions (and associated earnings opportunities) versus those that should be provided by a competitive marketplace?



Variable Renewable Energy in Long-Term Planning Models: A Multi-Model Perspective

The report shows that improvements made across a diverse group of modeling teams led to more robust representation of VRE technologies. The report also documents differences in modeling methodologies and shows how specific improvements or modeling representations led to better representation of VRE technologies. For example, the NREL and EIA teams showed how improved temporal resolution leads to more appropriate renewable energy capacity and energy value estimations. The EPRI and EPA teams demonstrated how avoiding improper spatial resolution can lead to more robust system cost estimates. The report also highlights 15 areas where continued research and development is needed for long-term modeling, including methods for how storage and renewable energy might interact at increased levels of penetration for each technology.



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