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Energía a base de residuos

 ¿Qué opciones existen para convertir residuos en energía? ¿Es una buena alternativa para el medio ambiente? ¿Cómo se gestionan los residuos en Barranquilla? 

EDF Builds The Energy Transition in The French Island of Sein

Less than 2 km long and 500m large: Sein Island is a small entirely totally disconnected from the mainland. With its own electrical system, the island was totally powered by diesel generators until the beginning of 2017.

Seattle passes EV readiness requirements

Seattle's Department of Construction & Inspections estimates that the requirements will lead to thousands of EV-ready spaces each year, a major step in the city's campaign to put more EVs on the road.

ConEd eases customer DER adoption while gaining data to improve grid planning

If Con Edison's partnership with ConnectDER looks a lot like a a residential "make ready" program, it's because that's how the device has been used before: helping to avoid expensive repairs and connection points inside California homes.

5G Is Here. What Does That Mean for Exponential Tech?

5G, hailed as the future of connectivity, is now a reality. Over the last months, the first 5G networks have been rolled out in South Korea and the US. While initial impressions are mixed, the new networks hold the key to advancing the spread of a slew of exponential technologies and catalyzing fundamental changes to a long list of industries and services.

America may outsmart China in 5G with AI and blockchains

What do you get when you combine three of tech’s biggest buzzwords: AI, blockchain, and 5G? Perhaps ridiculously fast, amazingly abundant wireless data.

Digital transformation initiatives underway, but companies need help

Digital transformation is a hot topic among CIOs and business leaders, as those companies that become digital organizations will become market leaders. And those that don’t make the shift, will struggle to survive.

Energy Storage Unleashed

Energy storage has been described as the Swiss Army knife of the electric industry. Others call it the killer app of the smart grid, or they say it is the empowering technology. Whatever it is called, energy storage has proven to be a valuable multifaceted technology.

Demand-Side Management Programs to Support New York's Climate Mobilization Act

In the week leading up to Earth Day, the New York City Council passed the Climate Mobilization Act by a 45-2 vote. Considered one of the most ambitious initiatives by any major city, the bill will target medium and large buildings over 25,000 square feet, requiring them to reduce emissions 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2050.

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